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7 Reasons Why Blue Moon is The Most Sought After Couples Spa on Maui

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Here’s the 7 Top Reasons Why Blue Moon is The Most Sought After Couples Spa on Maui

  1. We offer a much more personalized experience that what hotel spa’s can offer. Because we are a small business and not corporate owned, we can implement upgrades & changes to your service right away to enhance your experience.

  2. You will have complete privacy and have the facilities all to yourselves during your scheduled time. It’s truly a special hideaway of solitude.

  3. Our staff is not overworked/underpaid/burnt out like some of the staff at corporate chain spas. We pay fair wages and limit the workload so our staff is happy and consistent.

  4. You can see/smell/hear the ocean without having to be outside in the sun/heat. Our massage suite has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the crystal blue waters of Napili Bay

  5. Much more comfortable setting than the beach side tent massages at the resorts. No kids running around the pool yelling, no drunk guys stumbling up & interrupting your massage to ask where the bathroom is. :)

  6. We will never rush you in/out, we space out our appointments to ensure you can truly take your time and feel relaxed.

  7. You can browse our record collection and play your favorites while watching sea turtles and sipping tea… where else can you do that?!

Book Online Now to experience the best Maui has to offer in tropical luxury massage.

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