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Spa Etiquette: Top 5 Do's and Don'ts on Maui

Are you visiting Maui and planning on getting a massage? (Great idea!)

If it's your first time ever getting a massage, or if it's your first time ever coming to Maui, there are a few things you likely don't know- because no one ever talks about it! No worries!

We've compiled this handy little guide to help you make the most of your spa experience on vacation.

So what is Spa Etiquette, and why should you care?

Spa's are a place where you are meant to relax, while a trained professional takes care of your body and massages the tension away, to get you feeling like new again. However, being that Maui is a tropical location, many spa guests are unaware of the little nuances that can make or break their massage during vacation. Whether you have carefully planned out every hour & day of your travel itinerary, or if you & your sweetheart just go with the flow- you don't want to feel like anything on your trip was "wasted time", right?

Follow me here while we go down the list of do's & don't's for the perfect Maui spa day.

1.)Do: Book Your Massage for Day 1 of your Vacation!

Yes, this requires a little bit of planning. Just go online, do a search for best spa's near your hotel or condo, and check Yelp for the reviews. If you're in West Maui, you will find Blue Moon Massage Hale right up at the top with our consistent 5 star reviews! Call or book online for Day 1 of your vacation. Trust me on this!

It will feel so good after that long flight across the Pacific to undo all the stress and tension of air travel. Secondly, you won't be sunburnt yet, which leads us to #2.

2.)Don't: Get Too Much Sun the Day Before your Massage.

We can't stress this enough. Getting massaged on sunburned skin just does't feel good, and is contraindicated! Which is medical terminology meaning we have to skip areas that are sunburned. If you absolutely must go to the beach, snorkeling, or out on a boat cruise the day before your massage, remember to wear protective clothing (hats, rash guards or long sleeve t-shirts), and reef safe sunscreen on all exposed surfaces (don't forget your legs!).

3.) Do: Show up clean (freshly showered is best).

Now, most spa's do have facilities to shower off before or after your treatment. But, please be mindful that even though we are on a tropical island, no one likes sand tracked into their homes or work areas, so please wipe sand off outdoors before you enter the spa. Many spa guests have been made uncomfortably aware of how important this is, as soon as their massage goes from oily smooth relaxation to the shock of sandy exfoliating scrub!

On that note, many women have apologized for not shaving their legs- Don't! Your massage therapists do not care about body hair or superficial cosmetics, their focus is below the surface - muscles, tendons, lymph, circulation & energy.

4.) Don't: Act Inappropriately Sensual at The Spa

At Blue Moon Massage Hale, we love helping couples connect their hearts at sea level through luxurious bodywork. The benefits of couples massage helps you both to be happier, more relaxed, and your endorphins (feel good hormones) will be flowing. This is a time to slow down, enjoy each other's company + receive massages privately in a breathtaking setting. But please save the intimacy for your hotel room! We insist on maintaining a professional, clean, and safe setting for our staff and respect for all of our guests. Couples massage is a therapeutic service, not sensual.

5.) Do: Tip Your Service Workers

While you're visiting Maui you will likely rely heavily on service workers to give you the best experiences of your life: Spa's, dining out, and going on excursions like boat trips or hiking tours. You will notice that service workers here in Maui are warm, inviting, friendly & helpful. The Spirit of Aloha is a real value here, and Maui people are the epitome of hospitality which is why Maui has become such a popular destination. We encourage you to budget your vacation accordingly to include gratuity for your services.

Have any questions about what to expect or what to do at the spa? Give us a call or email us anytime! #808-793-6010

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